Photos, Bubbles and Time

As a mom  watching my little one grow, it’s a combination of time flowing at the speed of molasses and whizzing by in the blink of an eye. I want to capture every heart-wrenchingly cute moment in photos and video.  Even with my smart phone at the ready, I feel like I’m missing so much. I’m not really missing it though. I’m experiencing it…but every time he says that adorable thing in that adorable way, or does a little dance and squeal of joy, part of me wonders, “Will that be the last time?”

Bath time has become swimming practice lately, and my once head-washing shy son is suddenly dunking his head in the water on his own. He leans back, floats while counting to three, sits up and repeats, all with a huge smile on his face.

I took a few photos with my cell phone the other day, but they didn’t do the moment justice. Last night I brought out the big CAMERA and took these and had to share. I hope they bring a smile to your day!

Bathtime Photos

Photos in the bath

Smiling Baby Photos


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  • Alex

    I Remember these days when I had to do it for my kids now all gone to college 🙂 cherish every moment with love

    Alex Dumas

    • Marni

      I do! Sometimes you need to remind yourself, but it is all so special. Thank you Alex.

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