A Photo Hike in Palmas Del Mar

I went for a photography hike yesterday in Palmas Del Mar. There’s hiking, and then there’s photo hiking. The later is when you hike lugging along a Nikon DSLR, and a bag of lenses instead of a bottle of water.  This is one of those “hiking” trails only known to residents and only accessible by crossing onto land earmarked for a five star luxury hotel.  The paths are really gravel roads–with plenty of bike paths cutting through the tall grasses.

Palmas Del Mar Hike

I’ve been on these paths before and usually come across some critters or a breathtaking view wishing my good camera was in hand. So this time I came prepared, bring my Nikon with a 35mm and 180mm lens. I should have brought a zoom, too. Next time.

Palmas Del Mar Flower

Hiking Road

The sand on the road is washed out in places, forming deep trenches on either side. Sketchy if you are on a bike, but fun to look at.

hermit crab


I came across this little critter–actually on of the biggest hermit crabs I’ve seen. This old guy was nearly the size of my fist.

Flowers Puerto Rico

Weeds sometimes have pretty flowers.

BeachLooking back at the first beach I passed. It still amazes me how easy it is to find an empty beach in Puerto Rico.

Hiking Trail Puerto Rico

Waning light, and I should be turning back soon, but I press on. I love the light at this time of day (5-6pm) and even though today is a little hazy, the colors still glow.

Picnic Spot

Someone was kind enough to deposit a picnic bench overlooking the spectacular view and I imagine investor meetings taking place here, discussing plans for the new hotel.


Ocean view

But for now, I have it all to myself.

Let’s continue on that hike (yes, I used my camera’s timer for these shots–just for fun). I’m wishing I had some water at this point.

Private beach

I follow a little trail down and discover this beautiful little cove. It has a beach made from tiny polished stones and clear ocean bottom…looks like a great snorkeling spot!

Sea Urchin Surf

This sea urchin shell getting buffeted by the foamy waves.


Onward we go…one last push until I turn around to hike back. Sometimes it feels good just to keep walking.


I pass through a forested area full of lush plants, dripping leaves and whispering trees; light is dappling the ground with sunbeams.


A little hike up and the trees clear with another view of the ocean. What do we find here?


Wind swept trees and a view down into the cove I just left. The wind is stronger up here.

beach trees

Time to head back. The sun is setting and I have a ways to go. I enjoyed sharing a little of my life here in Puerto Rico. Thanks for coming along with me!

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  • Amy Renea

    Hi Marni 🙂 We are moving to Palmas and I stumbled upon your site. I used to do weddings/family photography and am now solely doing editorial. I would love to touch base with you if you are still in the area 🙂

    • Marni

      Hi Amy! I’d love to touch base too! Send me an email with your contact info + a link to your site!

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