Culebra Beach Photography Session: Wilson Family

A few days before Christmas, I took the 15 minute flight from Ceiba to Culebra to photograph the Wilson family, who were enjoying an island vacation to celebrate their anniversary. Flights to Vieques and Culebra run 3-4 times a day from the tiny Ceiba airport near Fajardo. The planes hold just 8 people plus the pilot. This was the smallest plane I’d been on, and an adventure in itself!

Flight to Culebra from Ceiba, Puerto Rico

This was my first time doing a family photo session in Culebra, and you couldn’t ask for a better beach. Flamenco beach, ranked one of the top beaches in the world, is so picturesque, it looks like a fake backdrop in some of the photos.

I was able to get there a little early to test out the light, find some good photo spots and get to know the island a little.

The Wilson family arrived dressed perfectly for their session in whites and browns. My goal was to very quickly make everyone feel at ease and have fun. Can you guess who’s anniversary it was?

Culebra, Puerto Rico beach family photo shoot | Family photography ideas | beach photo session: Wilson Family by Marni Mutrux Meistrell

Some more images of this loving family:

Culebra beach family photo session

Recently engaged! Culebra beach photographer Marni Mutrux Meistrell

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