Christmas Photo Session: The Randolph’s

Earlier this year, I had the pleasure of photographing the Randolph children; three delightful little gremlins who each have very different personalities. My challenge was clear, and compounded.

This time, mom, dad and the family dogs were thrown into the mix, along with the beach, weather and a setting sun.

Photographing a large group is always difficult. It’s tempting to take a zillion photographs just to get ONE where everyone has their eyes open and is looking happy…and at the camera. I find keeping mom and dad from looking tense is even harder than keeping the children focused.

Sessions like this have to happen quickly, with a LOT of direction, some cajoling and patience. Things can fall apart quickly and it’s up to me to hold it all together and make it a fun experience, something I’ve succeeded with so far.

Thinking I was being smart, I brought along a plastic whistle to catch the dog’s attention. This worked once, maybe twice, before they were over it.

I’m always tempted to bring along my tripod on these shoots, and sometimes I do, but I rarely use it. Working with a 50mm prime lens, I have to move around to zoom in and out. I’m also not one to set up a shot and stay there for an hour snapping away. I usually get my shot within a few minutes and would rather have “a story” of photos than boring posed shots.

If everyone is up to it, I’ll suggest trying out a few different–sometimes challenging–spots.This works well keeping everyone fresh and the little ones happy (though everyone is usually a mess in the end!).

One thing I tried with this session for the first time was using a GoPro for a different look towards the end. I’m really happy with the way the wide angle lens fits everyone into the shot and it really expressed the personality of this great group!

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